Superior message filtration and control for Minecraft servers

Meet ChatSentry, a super easy to use, yet incredibly effective and sophisticated chat & message filtration, control, and management system that seamlessly integrates with your server to add astoundingly smart filtration and protection against many kinds of chat/message abuse public servers are subject to, without interfering with players who are just playing your server as it should.

Composed of unique, powerful, custom detection logic and dynamically tuning checks that have been expertly engineered and rigorously trained, ChatSentry has incorporated top notch recognition abilities in to each and every check it offers that won't disappoint you.

Introducing intelligent dialogue awareness, capable of providing real time self tuning based off context prediction; a unique feature of ChatSentry allowing the plugin to truly understand the nature of your servers chat in ways other plugins have never been able to.

Through efficient and deep analysis of players messages, including speed and typing patterns, the plugin can intelligently recognize and block players trying to bypass or exploit its filters, whether by adding additional letters, symbols, numbers, etc. to their messages, stretching words, and so forth - just like a real human mod!

Not only does the plugin support filtration of chat and commands, but applicable modules also support signs, anvils, and books, for complete protection across all contexts of messages. On top of this, many features include specially designed subchecks specifically designed to detect players using hacked clients and cheats to try and bypass checks, write in unicode based fonts, parrot other players, and more.​

Say goodbye to those trolls who join just to cause havoc - ChatSentry will take care of them without hassle. The plugin comes equipped with a fully decked out with an auto-punishment system that works to automagically deal with and punish players who excessively trigger the plugins filters and restrictions within similar time frames. Use the preconfigured setup, or create your own custom punishment rules per filter / restriction; set how many times a player must trigger particular filters before executing configured commands or actions on them, and more. Ex. after triggering the word and phrase filter 5 times within 24 hours mute the violator, after triggering it 10 times within 24 hours ban them.

​ As well as automated tools, ChatSentry provides your admins with useful utilities like instant chat clearing, panic mode which disables all chat from non-authorized users, a manual non-filter related warning system integrated with the auto punisher, a built in, highly detailed logging system with easy old log data purging to save detections & or blocked/modified actions, fully integrated with a custom in-game lookup engine that allows filtered searches so you can focus in on the results you're looking for, server lockdown mode which toggles a lock on your server that can either block unseen before/unknown players from joining, or everybody except those who are on the exemption list, and more tools.

ChatSentry offers tons of settings to allow you to fine tune the plugin to exactly what your server needs. Don't feel like going through each setting? You're in luck! Virtually everything comes pre-configured to what's recommended for most servers, allowing you to spend as little or as much time as you want setting things up. Simply drop ChatSentry into your plugins folder, enable the core modules/checks you'd like, and let it do the rest of the heavy lifting for you.

Don't worry, you won't have to figure out ridiculously complex and confusing configurations.


☑️ The power of AI, at your fingertips

ChatSentry offers unmatched chat filtration and protection through its unique code architecture. Through tons of testing, its abilities have proven to be incredibly effective. Below are some examples that show some of the plugins filters in action.

  • Word and phrase filter showcase the intelligent word and phrase filter module blocking "stupid" in chat

  • Link and ad blocker showcase the intelligent link and ad blocker module blocking server ips in chat

☑️ Hyper smart, expertly engineered checks

With ChatSentry, you'll notice a mind blowing decrease in the amount of false positives players experience, and a huge increase in the detection and blocking success rates compared to a typical filter plugin.

☑️ Easy to understand configurations

While complex internally, ChatSentry is designed to be as simple to use as possible. You won't have to spend time learning complicated config setups to get things working -- ChatSentry will do all the complicated and tedious work behind the scenes for you.

☑️ Ultra lightweight & efficient

ChatSentry has been programmed from the ground up to conduct its tasks super efficiently - even when processing tons of messages quickly, there is virtually no performance cost on your server.

☑️ Covers all bases

Applicable modules support filtration of not only chat and commands, but signs, anvils, and books, for complete protection across all contexts of messages.

☑️ Frequent updates and additions

ChatSentry is constantly evolving. New feature updates, optimizations, and bug fixes are released regularly. This is full coverage for your server, forever.​

☑️ Smart updaters for configs, file structure, and jar

ChatSentry automatically ensures any new config settings are added and old config settings are removed, all while preserving your current settings. In addition, the plugins file structure will be auto updated if necessary.

Don't stress over mistakes in your configs. The plugin detects when there's malformed yml, prints what's incorrect, and stops loading the file to prevent it being reset unlike many other plugins.

If your plugin (jar) version of ChatSentry is ever outdated, you will be notified so you can update to the latest version and make use of new features and fixes and more as soon as they're available.

☑️ Complete customization

Each module comes with its own subset of settings that can be adjusted to work with your server exactly how you want it. Don't want a specific feature? Just turn it off. Don't like a message? You can change it.

☑️ Vast version support

Use ChatSentry on Spigot, Paper, CraftBukkit & BungeeCord servers on any version between 1.8 and 1.20.x+

☑️ Developer API

As of plugin version 4.2.0, ChatSentry now offers a basic API to allow developers to create their own additions and modifications to the plugin, fully documented here.

☑️ Quick, professional support

If you're interested, you can gain access to the plugins discussion channel to chat with fellow ChatSentry users, get support, make suggestions, give feedback, and more related to the plugin! Join the Discord server here:

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