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The features that make up ChatSentry are organized throughout individual modules/components within the plugin for maximum organization. All individual protection modules act to serve a particular purpose to help you best fine tune the plugin for your server.​ Modules that begin with intelligent utilize ChatSentry's unique detection logic, advanced code architecture and algorithms to detect similarities between words & and recognize players trying to combat or exploit the filters. Or, they are just simply intelligent in the sense that they are incredibly sufficient in comparison to plugins offering a similar feature.

Key points to remember:

  • Any module can be disabled, or modified to best fit your servers needs.

  • All modules can be applied to commands as well as chat.

  • Each module comes with it's own set of unique settings and options so you can fine tune the module to get exactly what you're looking for out of it and help your server with what it needs most. However, the configurations come almost completely configured, so you don't have to change a lot of settings if you don't want to.

  • Any module can be bypassed via permissions. See the permissions wiki page for more information.​


Admin Notifier

Notifies admins real-time when a module is triggered with detailed information, allowing them to know when to take action if necessary.

Discord Notifier

Sends Discord notifications via webhooks when modules flag a message or action, players are manually or automatically warned, warnings are pardoned, autowarns expire, and when the Auto Punisher punishes a player.

Intelligent Auto Punisher

Automatically runs punishment commands on players who excessively trigger modules within a defined time frame.

Intelligent Word & Phrase Filter

Hyper intelligently detects swears configured blocked words or phrases (and words/phrases similar to those on the list) from being said in chat, commands, signs, anvils, and books (any check contexts can be disabled).

Prevents web links & server advertising (regular server ips & numeric server ips) with optional extra sensitivity bypass detection in chat, commands, signs, anvils, and books (any check contexts can be disabled). Includes the ability to whitelist domains or all subdomains of a domain.

Intelligent Spam Blocker

Accurately blocks spammy messages by examining their word, character, and sequence diversity in comparison to the messages length. Additionally prevents players from repeating the same or similar messages over and over within a short period of time with a dynamically adjusting repeat cooldown

Intelligent Chat Cooldown

Controls how quickly players can send messages and configured or all commands within a defined time frame.

Intelligent Anti Chat Flood

Prevents or intelligently modifies the use of excessive repeated characters and very long "words" without interfering with players using 'expressive' chat.

Unicode Remover

Removes non US-ASCII (US keyboard) characters in chat messages and commands to prevent alphanumeric lookalike unicode characters from being used to bypass filters & modules.

Has the option to use a compatibility mode that only blocks unicode used by hacked clients - blocking virtually all alphanumeric lookalike unicode supported by MC while allowing other languages in chat, commands, signs, anvils, and books (additional check contexts can be disabled).

Intelligent Cap Limiter

Limits the use of excessive capital letters in messages without interference of messages using proper grammar. Can auto-set the message to lowercase or blocks it entirely. Player names are ignored.

Intelligent Anti Parrot

Prevents players using hacked clients to automatically copy ("parrot") other players chat messages. Also prevents the same (non-generic) message from be said by multiple players within a short time frame.

Able to detect bots/players appending random sequences of numbers and other characters to their messages to try and evade the filter.

Intelligent Chat Executor

Modifies and or performs actions triggered by defined messages/commands using simple or complex matching techniques. Optionally supports execution of sign text and anvil renames

Anti Statue Spambot

Prevents joining players abilities to send messages or commands until they move in order to protect against basic artificially controlled spam bots. Has an optional command whitelist.

Anti Join Flood

Prevents more than a defined amount of players joining every minute to prevent bot join flooding to lag, spam, & or crash the server.

Anti Relog Spam

Prevents players excessively relogging in short periods of time to flood chat. Uses a dynamically increasing cooldown to effectively combat excessive relogging without affecting players who are relogging reasonably.

Anti Command Prefix

Prevents players using prefixed commands to get around filters and discover potential sensitive server information like the plugins. Ex. /minecraft:me instead of /me.

Optionally integrates with the Command Spy module; when a command is modified/a prefix is removed, it will appear crossed out in the command spy notification.

Auto Grammar

Converts players' messages to use proper capitalization, periods, and correct typos in chat and configured or all commands.

Command Spy

Shows players real-time commands to admins. Commands can optionally be whitelisted or blacklisted.

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