Anti Statue Spambot

About this module

The Anti Statue Spambot module prevents joining players abilities to send messages or commands until they move in order to protect against basic artificially controlled spam bots. Has an optional command whitelist. Does not require "process-commands" in the main config to be enabled to function.

To bypass this module, op or the permission: "chatsentry.antistatuespambot.bypass" is required.

Config guide

You can access the below settings in the anti-statue-spambot.yml file within the modules folder of the plugin's root folder.

Config excerpts taken from v3.6.0 and may not be completely up-to-date with the latest changes. To see the most up-to-date file, see below:



If you have plugins that make players run commands when they join, add those commands below so they aren't blocked by ChatSentry.

Make sure to only include base commands; don't add any command arguments (spaces).

Set to "join-command-whitelist: []" to have an empty list.

  - "/motd"

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