Chat Cooldown

About this module

The Intelligent Chat Cooldown module controls how quickly players can send messages and configured or all commands within a defined time frame.

To bypass this module, op or the permission: "chatsentry.chatcooldown.bypass" is required.

Config guide

You can access the below settings in the chat-cooldown.yml file within the modules folder of the plugin's root folder.

Config excerpts taken from v3.6.0 and may not be completely up-to-date with the latest changes. To see the most up-to-date file, see below:



Below is the duration of time the options below this option will apply to

20 ticks = 1 second

160 ticks = 8 seconds

chat-cooldown-in-ticks: 160


How many messages can players send every chat-cooldown-in-ticks amount of time?

allowed-message-sends-per-cooldown: 4


How many commands on the below affected-commands list can players send every chat-cooldown-in-ticks amount of time?

allowed-affected-command-runs-per-cooldown: 6


The below list will only work if "process-commands" is true in config.yml

The below list is which commands the module will apply to. It's recommended to only set these to your private messaging commands.

Set the list to "affected-commands: []" to apply the module to ALL commands (highly not recommended!)

Make sure to only include base commands; don't add any command arguments. (spaces)

  - "/tell"
  - "/t"
  - "/msg"
  - "/w"
  - "/r"
  - "/whisper"
  - "/w"
  - "/pm"

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