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# Intelligent Anti Parrot:
# Prevents players using hacked clients to automatically copy ("parrot") other players chat messages. Also prevents the same (non-generic) message from be said by multiple players within a short time frame.
# Bypass permission: "chatsentry.antiparrot.bypass"
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# Should the module utilize extra intelligence algorithms? Keeping this on is highly recommended. Typically having this on extends compatibility to detect players using premium / smarter hacked clients.
intelligent: true

# Some players (or more likely bots) may append random sequences of numbers and other characters to their messages to try and evade filters like this one. This option will try to simplify incoming message data before core processing in attempt to combat this behavior.
flood-combater: true

# If true, short messages such as "lol" or "xD" will be ignored and not detected as parroting if multiple players repeat them in a short time frame.
# Note that this only applies to VERY short messages like the examples mentioned above.
ignore-short: true

# Should players usernames in any phrase-whitelist phrases be ignored?
ignore-usernames: true

# If using ignore-short, the below list is in almost all cases not necessary.

# The phrases below are phrases that the module will ignore, and can be said by multiple players within a short time frame.
# Character case in the below list does NOT matter. Case variants are automatically checked by the plugin.
# Set to "phrase-whitelist: []" to have an empty list.
  - "wb"
  - "welcome back"
  - "wbbb"
  - "weba"
  - "yes"
  - "yea"
  - "ok"
  - "sure"
  - "no"
  - "nope"
  - "nah"
  - "yup"
  - "yep"
  - "yeh"

# How similar must a message be to a phrase on the list above to be considered the same and also whitelisted? (in %)
# 1.0 = exactly as one of the phrases on the list (excluding character case)
# 0.0 = not exact at all (this eliminates the purpose of the whitelist)
phrase-whitelist-similarity-threshold: 0.85

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