# --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Admin Notifier:
# Notifies admins real-time when a module is triggered with detailed information, allowing them to know when to take action if necessary.
# To receive notifications, op or the permission: "chatsentry.getnotified" is required.
# --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Below are the modules that support real time notifications. Which of them should notifications be enabled for?
# Please note that changing below values for modules which are not enabled in config.yml will have no effect.
chat-cooldown: true
link-and-ad-blocker: true
word-and-phrase-filter: true
spam-blocker: true
unicode-remover: true
cap-limiter: true
anti-parrot: true
anti-chat-flood: true
anti-statue-spambot: true
anti-join-flood: true
chat-executor: true
# Determines whether violation notifications should be sent to console in addition to players with notification permission.
send-to-console: true
# Should ChatSentry remind joining players (with violation notification permission) that they have violation notifications toggled off?
remind-notifs-toggled-off-on-join: true
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