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# Anti Join Flood:
# Prevents more than a defined amount of players joining every minute to prevent bot join flooding to lag, spam, & or crash the server.
# --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

# Make sure you change the value below to what will work best for your server to prevent ChatSentry from blocking players from joining when it shouldn't.

# Below is the limit of joins (including relogs) that will be allowed by the server within 60 seconds

# Recommended settings:
# Small servers: ~12
# Medium servers: ~35
# Big servers: ~100+

allowed-joins-per-minute: 12

# This option disables join flood checking for 2 minutes and 30 seconds after starting to prevent blocking people joining back after the server restarts.
# Only set this to false if the server is actively being flooded to prevent issues.
disable-join-flood-check-on-startup: true

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