Admin Notifier

About this module

The Admin Notifier module notifies admins real-time when a module is triggered with detailed information, allowing them to know when to take action if necessary.

To receive notifications, op or the permission: "chatsentry.getnotified" is required.

Config guide

You can access the below settings in the admin-notifier.yml file within the modules folder of the plugin's root folder.

Config excerpts taken from v3.6.0 and may not be completely up-to-date with the latest changes. To see the most up-to-date file, see below:



These are the modules that support real time notifications. Changing these options allows you choose which of them notifications should be enabled for.

Please note that changing below values for modules which are not enabled in config.yml will have no effect.

  chat-cooldown: true
  link-and-ad-blocker: true
  word-and-phrase-filter: true
  spam-blocker: true
  unicode-remover: true
  cap-limiter: true
  anti-parrot: true
  anti-chat-flood: true
  anti-statue-spambot: true
  anti-join-flood: true
  chat-executor: true


Determines whether violation notifications should be sent to console in addition to players with notification permission.

send-to-console: true


Should ChatSentry remind joining players (with violation notification permission) that they have violation notifications toggled off?

remind-notifs-toggled-off-on-join: true

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