Plugin installation & configuring guide

1. Purchase a copy of ChatSentry here

By using ChatSentry, you agree to the Plugin's Terms of Use

2. Add ChatSentry-x.x.x.jar to your plugins folder

3. Restart your server to complete installation

Avoid reloading as it can cause memory leaks and undesired issues with some plugins.

If ChatSentry was successfully installed, you'll see a message in your console like this along with some more messages from the plugin:

4. Configure modules and features

By default, all ChatSentry protection modules are turned off. However, virtually a modules settings themselves come pre-configured to the recommended values for most servers.

Start in the main config.yml file and enable which modules best suit your servers needs. Then skim and tinker with those modules individual configs.

Though everything comes pre-configured, each server is different, so to ensure effectiveness of the plugin we recommend you skim and tinker enabled modules configs to best fit with your server

Notable components that may require setup:

Once you're done configuring, type /chatsentry reload to push changes into runtime.

5. Familiarize yourself with the plugins commands

Type /kcs help to see a full list of the plugins commands.

6. Add desired permissions to your staff and other groups

The plugin offers a vast selection of permission nodes to let you limit certain features to certain players or groups. Depending on what you've enabled, it's good to skim through and ensure everybody can do and access what you'd like.

pageBypass & misc. permissions

7. Run /kcs info to see an overview of what's enabled

To ensure you didn't miss or accidentally enable anything, you can quickly see an overview of what modules & misc. toggles are enabled with the /kcs info command.

8. Enjoy peace of mind 🧘‍♂️

For any questions, issues, suggestions, or alike, don't hesitate to contact us

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