Accessing the API

Getting started

In order to use the API you must download and import it into your project. Follow the steps below to do this before moving forward.


Go to to download the API jar

Importing with IntelliJ

  1. Click on File -> Project Structure (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S on windows)

  2. Go to the Modules tab, then to the Dependencies subtab

  3. Click the + on the bottom left side and choose Library... -> Java (see below image)

  4. Choose your downloaded API jar

Importing with Eclipse

  1. Right-click your project and choose Properties -> Java Build Path

  2. Click on Add external jar and add your downloaded API jar

Setting up your plugin

The next step is to go to your plugin.yml and add ChatSentry as a depend or softdepend, depending on if it is optional or not for your plugin to work

softdepend is used if your plugin works without ChatSentry installed on the server

depend is used if your plugin requires ChatSentry to be installed on the server

Example plugin.yml
name: ACoolPlugin
version: 0.0.1
author: epic-programmer
main: main.path
depend: [ChatSentry]

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