# --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Anti Command Prefix:
# Prevents players using prefixed commands to get around filters and discover potential sensitive server information like the plugins. Ex. /minecraft:me instead of /me. Does not require "process-commands" in the main config to be enabled to function. Optionally integrates with the Command Spy module; when a command is modified/a prefix is removed, it will appear crossed out in the command spy notification.
# Bypass permission: "chatsentry.anticommandprefix.bypass"
# --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

# This module works by modifying command contents after they're sent by players. Ex. "/essentials:msg" will run without the prefix ("/msg")

# Commands below will be allowed to be ran with their prefix.
# Set to "allowed-prefixed-commands: []" to have an empty list.
  - "/plugin:command"
  - "/plugin2:command"

# Prefixes below will be allowed to be ran no matter the command.
# Set to "allowed-global-prefixes: []" to have an empty list.
  - "plugin:"
  - "plugin2:"

# Should the module send the message (changeable via lang.yml) notifying the player their command was modified when it removes a disallowed prefix?
send-msg-when-modified: true

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