Cap Limiter

About this module

The Intelligent Cap Limiter module limits the use of excessive capital letters in messages without interference of messages using proper grammar. Can auto-set the message to lowercase or blocks it entirely. Player names are ignored.

To bypass this module, op or the permission: "chatsentry.caplimiter.bypass" is required.

Config guide

You can access the below settings in the cap-limiter.yml file within the modules folder of the plugin's root folder.

Config excerpts taken from v3.6.0 and may not be completely up-to-date with the latest changes. To see the most up-to-date file, see below:


Below is the number of capital letters players will be allowed write in a row

Player names will be ignored

repeated-cap-limit: 8


Below is the maximum amount of capital letters messages can contain before being blocked by the filter. To avoid problems, be mindful of players writing with proper capitalization in longer messages by not setting this value lower than about 15.

master-cap-limit: 18


When set to true, the messages caps will be replaced with lowercase letters and sent. When set to false the detected message will be blocked entirely.

modify-message: true


Only applies if modify-message is true. When a message is modified, should the blocked message below be sent as well?

send-block-message-when-modified: true


The below list will only work if "process-commands" is true in config.yml

The below list is which commands the module will apply to. It's recommended to only set these to your private messaging commands.

Set the list to "affected-commands: []" to apply the module to ALL commands (highly not recommended!)

Make sure to only include base commands; don't add any command arguments. (spaces)

  - "/tell"
  - "/t"
  - "/msg"
  - "/w"
  - "/r"
  - "/whisper"
  - "/w"
  - "/pm"

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